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Please Join Our Three-part family caregiver educational series. Join us In-Person or for a Virtual Event

Carolyn is certified to implement the teachings and trainings about dementia of Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach® to Care (PAC). As a care partner in her own family and having been a care manager in private duty home care and in senior living settings, she brings a broad perspective to the topic of dementia care.

Brain Changes: Is It Normal Aging or Something Else? In Person | October 13 | 12 P.M. OR Webinar | 6 P.M.

Navigating the Care Maze: Being Part of the Care Team In Person | November 10 | 12 P.M. OR Webinar | 6 P.M.

Holidays and Dementia: How Might This Season Be Different? In Person | December 8 | 12 P.M. OR Webinar | 6 P.M.

We're sorry. No events are currently available.

Carolyn Lukert, lead consultant with Positive Approach® to Care

Things You'll Learn

  • What to do when you recognize abnormal memory loss
  • Conversations to have with loved ones when you notice changes
  • Nurturing loving relationships versus following an agenda
  • The differences between care partner and caregiver
  • Effects of dementia on you, the care partner
  • The importance of self-care
  • Keeping the festive spirit amid the reality of changing abilities
  • Treasured traditions – which to keep, change or let go
  • Opportunities to celebrate together in new ways

Enjoy what truly matters Carolyn Lukert, lead consultant with Positive Approach® to Care!

Fun Activities & Fine Dining With Friends

Nutritious meals, music, family, laughter and time spent with friends are some of life’s simplest pleasures. Join your neighbors on morning walks, enjoy a cup of coffee or learn a new skill together. Our community thrives because we understand that friendships are key for preserving everyone’s well-being. Engaging virtual and distanced activities provide meaningful ways for you to learn, grow, stay active and bond with other residents. Enjoy our elegant dining rooms with an in-house chef and healthy dining choices at every meal, with special delivery services available.

Get Help That Caters To Your Unique Needs

Get access to customized support when you need it most. Our professionals are happy to lend a hand when the needs arise. With options to choose from, we’ll make sure all your needs get met while you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. We’ll work together with you and your family to craft a plan that meets your unique tastes, preferences and requirements.

Living Options Designed To Fit Your Lifestyle

Your home should be a place filled with memories that bring you joy, fulfillment and a sense of belonging. Every residence in our community is designed to make you feel comfortable while encouraging independence. You have the ability to choose from amenities and features that fit your lifestyle. We handle tasks like maintenance, cooking and cleaning so you can enjoy more time socializing with your neighbors.

Learn More About Carolyn Lukert, lead consultant with Positive Approach® to Care

We look forward to you joining our presentation so that we can tell you more about what our community has to offer you and your loved one. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our communities!